Why use glue?

A glued newspaper copy has a prolonged life time and can be read by many more people, some of them being future subscribers. A glued product is often a demand from the readers. You will also increase your actual circulation figures and therefore your advertising income. You will be able to chose which pages that will be glued and you will no longer have pages that are falling apart.

With GlueMatic you will get the following advantages compared to competitors:

It is a cost effective way to create a higher product value.

Easier product to read and handle, that is kept together and can be read over and over again such as in hotels, buses and other public places.

Offer your advertisers loose pages that falls out of the paper in order to attract the attention of the reader. You can chose pages and sections that will be glued or not glued from a strategic point of view.

It will be easier to handle the product for everyone from the packaging to the delivery guy.