Company history


The company started in the beginning of 1970 as a service company, which focused on electronics, located in central Gothenburg.


In the eighties, Inventor’s founder started taking interest in the printing industry, where he saw a growing demand for electronic services. The printing presses contained an increased amount of advanced electronic equipment, and more competent service personnel were needed. Inventor had this knolledge and therefore a natural interest was born for that business.

Inventor started developing and manufacturing glue systems for printing machines. The first Spray Dampening systems were installed in the end of the 1980’s.


In the nineties the development of Spray dampening systems continued, and the company got its current address in Jörlanda.


In 2005 Inventor bought the company PressTronic, that it had been involved in creating back in 1984.


Inventor Graphic is focused on developing, producing and installing Spray dampening systems, slitter systems and gluing systems worldwide.