Spray bar

The spray bar is made of stainless steel and the inner bar weighs no more than 4kg (4 nozzles) or 6kg (8 nozzles). No tools are needed when taking out the inner bar inside the spray bar. All the valves and nozzles gives equal amount of water. There are no individuals to keep track on.

Control system

Latest technique with Powerbus that minimizes the number of wires inside the spray bar. 2 wires for a 4- nozzle bar, 3 wires for a 8- nozzle bar and 4 wires for a 12 nozzle bar.

Full integration with all the different suppliers for the control system, ABB, EAE, Honywell etc.

Tank Unit

Fully automatic.

Handles up to 100pcs 4– nozzle bars or 50 pcs 8 – nozzle bars.

If there is more then one tank unit there is a possibility to make a back up connection.

Error messages will be shown on main control screen.

Mixing of additive is adjusted and read on the main control screen.

Conductivity reading together with alarm levels on the main control screen.